• High-performing leaders
  • Professionals and Executives
  • Teams and Groups
  • New leaders and managers
  • Individuals and groups in transition or change
  • Individuals seeking to have a more satisfying career

Coaching is a developmental process focusing on the present with an eye toward the future. It is a collaborative interaction between two or more people in the context of a measurable living plan that drives change and improves performance and satisfaction.

What would greatness look like for you or your team?

It starts with understanding your goals and objectives AND your unique strengths, talents, preferences, and values. We gain a thorough understanding of your situation by gathering pertinent information about people, roles, processes, mission, culture and other areas that impact your critical outcomes and work with you to create strategies and goals to help you achieve your extraordinary goals.

Guiding principles and philosophies:

  1. Coaching is more effective if done in the context of a living roadmap that aligns your strengths, values, and passions to the needs of the organization.
  2. Measurement matters – what gets measured, gets done.
  3. Coaching is situational and tailored to individuals’ or teams’ needs and outcomes.
  4. Coaches are entrusted with creating a safe and supportive space for insight and learning to occur.
  5. Transparency and openness are essential to coaching.
  6. Coaching is based on a trusting partnership.
  7. The coaching process includes 360 feedback gathering evidence-based data, facts, and observations (self and others) to create meaningful change.
  8. Stretch challenges and action-learning exercises are central to sustained change.

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